Deliver Your SAAS Product or Service

There are a wide variety of prices you should consider, when planning to setup??a??Software as a Service (abbreviated as SaaS) merchandise.

While many entrepreneurs have a good grasp of office and advertising prices, the technical prices can be sometimes be a bit vague. Here we’ll cover some of the principal ones.

Server prices

Hosting is among the primary technical prices of SaaS, and you will find as your company grows server prices will as well. If you are aiming for a lot of users in the early days, be sure that your budget is prepared.

We recommend budgeting between ??100 – ??650 towards servers for the first months, a budget that will continue to grow as your user base increases. The precise prices will be based on your specific demands, the level of service needed and the supplier. Some Suppliers like AWS are a lot more flexible while some others billing on a monthly or yearly basis.. etc.

Software Monitoring costs

In addition, we advocate getting performance monitoring software for servers and your custom made??software. We have used App Signal and New Relic which cost from about $30 and $149 monthly ??respectively.

Fees for Billing Services

When sales are made, you should also consider including transaction charging fees from billing or payment agents. Payment Gateway Services including PayPal,??Recurly, Stripe or may??require some percentage of the trade or demand a monthly subscription fee.

Software Development Prices

Nevertheless, among the greatest expenses in SaaS company is??the development of your software product. Whether you hire a software development firm to assist you or choose an in house development team, you should not only plan for the apparent or agreed fixed costs,??but also for on-going technical support, care and development.

From the minute you start presenting your software to prospective customers, you’ll begin receiving requests for added attributes. Be sure to have some budget set aside for these so you could be agile and react promptly when getting new company.

Miscellaneous expenses

In SaaS, like in any business, marketing and operation cost make a slump sum of the budget. These costs are subject to chance on the kind of business you run. However, it is important to make provision for B2C support software. Software like Zendesk??prices start from a dollar, they can get very expensive as you grow. Email ??and collaboration tools could????prove very vital for a SaaS based business and options like??Google Apps for Business??where prices start from ??3.30 per user per month). You may also need an accounting application, such as Harvest, Xero or Crunch, we found is very dependent on the country of location.

By no means??is this an??exhaustive list, our aim ??has been to inform you on some of the tools that over time we have found quite useful.