Tesco Connect: Stocktakes.

Project Description

Modern Stock Take (MST) is an operation which performs a stocktake in each large format store twice per year. The aim of the operation is to correct any inaccuracies in the stock records of these stores in order to drive an improvement in availability. The stocktakes are performed by two external count companies (RGIS and OCS). The operation has two aims:

  • Provide accurate stocktakes
  • Provide stocktakes that have minimal impact on the customer

Tesco Connect: Stocktakes is a tool which provides up-to-date performance information relating to the Modern Stock Take operation. This allows any threats to delivering the two operational aims to be identified, which then means timely interventions can be made to protect the operation. By making such interventions the operation will be delivered at a consistent high standard.


This project was developed on within the client’s premises, with our software developers working as part of a scrum team.????This enabled the both parties??to get a clear understanding of the requirements for Modern stocktake. It was also essential as there were a handful of legacy up grades and optimisations to be done on site.

The development was done and scheduled in an iterative manner??with multiple feedback loops to ensure full client involvement and collaboration.

We focused on the results delivering the requirements for thte end users.

This app uses BackboneJS/Underscore/JQuery for frontend app model structure, rendering and DOM manipulation.

The backend was RUBY/RAILS REST based API, databases (MySQL/Teradata). This app also includes multi database connection to Teradata and MySQL as well as import scripts from Teradata to the mysql tables via fast exports and also BTEQ transactions as well.


Site was launched October ???12 and more results will follow shortly.

Project Details

  • Client Tesco
  • Date March 4, 2014
  • Tags Architecture, Design, Web Development

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