Urgent Care Clinic CMS.

Project Description

We were approached by 24-7 urgent Care clinic to develop a more serious and user friendly web presence which would better suit theT more corporate aspect of their business. The aim of the new website was to better showcase their corporate and business work and their ???more serious??? side giving greater confidence to online viewers of their experience and expertise. The new website was intended to compliment their existing ???flashy??? portfolio site giving the company the ability to showcase both sides of their creative personality.

A secondary consideration was bringing some consistency to their online look and feel by consolidating existing social presences (e.g. a blogger blog) under the roof of a single unified user experience.

We started by meeting with the client to get a clear understanding of the target client base and user profiles. Following an in depth discussion We scheduled an iterative design process with multiple feedback loops to ensure full client involvement and collaboration.

Using our experience of the corporate and public sectors We decided to focus on the results oriented culture of the target audience.

The website was created using Refinery CMS. Through the use of Admin editing and Custom Field Plugins the CMS has also been fully tailored for use by web editors with no prior online CMS experience. The site was well received on delivery with clinic staff finding it exceptionally easy to understand and navigate the CMS for content population and update.

Site was launched October ???12 and more results will follow shortly.

Project Details

  • Date May 4, 2012
  • Tags Architecture, Design, Web Development

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