Why Google Apps for Your Business

In this post we X-ray google apps for business with the aim of highlighting it’s ??merits.

Google Apps is a totally cloud-based alternative for constructing webpages, email, collaboration, document ??and ??schedule management tool.

Its collaborative features??make organizing a team really simple.


At its core Google Apps is????contains tons of essential security attributes made specifically to keep your data safe, protected and under your management. Your information belongs to you personally, and google apps lets you control it, including how you share it and who you share it with. Their??data centre network provides extraordinary security and guarantees dependable access to your own data, 24x7x365.25.

Function better collectively
Google Apps helps you and your team work quicker and brighter by making it simple for everyone (employees, partners, vendors, anyone)??to collaborate across businesses, teams and places.

Google Apps enables you to share and edit many kinds of files (documents, spreadsheets, presentations and more) in real time. Forget all the time wasting e-mail back and forth over multiple file variants; saving documents??means everyone automatically has the latest version of any file.

Save on IT infrastructure Costs

Spend less time managing your IT infrastructure. Your employees will??always have access to the most recent software, including security upgrades and the latest attributes. You are don’t??need to purchase or keep servers and everything can be handled from a single interface.

Google Apps is quick setting up, can grow with your company and costs simply ??3.30 per user per month ??that is simply two cups of coffee per month.

Staying Connected

In the cloud, all your work is saved with Google Apps. You will have access to websites, documents and your e-mail, schedule and have the ability to work securely, wherever you happen to be in the world and whoever device you are on.
For the company, it follows that everyone and every employee??can be productive from anywhere, using any device having an Internet connection.

Go Green

Using??Google Apps helps reduce both its environmental impact and your firm’s total expenses. It??is powered by Google’s energy-saving data centres, so it is carbon and less energy -intensive than on premise servers.

As you may already know DataScribes IT Consult is a Google Apps Partner.

We help in the area of guidance and setup of google Apps for more on this do??contact us.